Tax Debt Resolution

If you owe back taxes but can’t pay your debt in full; there are options for you.  The IRS began its Fresh Start Initiative in 2011 and it has made it easier to settle your debt with them.  Often times you can handle the settlement on your own with the various options available.  However, there are times you will need the help of a tax professional to assist you in order to maximize your chances of winning a tax settlement. Owing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money is intimidating to most people. The IRS has the power to garnish your wages, seize your assets and place a lien on your property in order to obtain the money that you owe them. The good news is that these actions can be prevented by communicating promptly with the IRS about your situation. The IRS is usually willing to work with you, and there are several options available so that you may resolve your debt issues.  That’s where we come in. Here at Premier Tax & Accounting we will offer you the best solution to fit your situation.  Call our office today to schedule your free 1-hr no obligation consultation; we will discuss your situation and determine the best option for you.  Simply put…



Call us now…learn your options for:                                                                                                  

1. Settling Back Tax Debt
2. Settling Payroll Tax Debt
3. Get IRS Liens Released
4. Penalty Abatement/Reduction
5. Wage Garnishment Assistance
6. Tax Audit Assistance